Outside air indoors



Outside air indoors


Viren beseitigen und Ausfälle verhindern

Durch die Reinigung der Luft und der Oberflächen mit unseren Geräten wird eine Ansteckung und Übertragung von Viren, Bakterien uvm. minimiert.

Schützen Sie Ihre Mitarbeiter vor Erkrankungen.

Unbeschwertes Arbeiten ohne lästigen Lärm.


Create an outside atmosphere in your interior

Beseitigen Sie inaktivierte Viren, Bakterien, Pilze, Allergene und Gerüche ganz einfach mit unseren Geräten.

Wirksam gegen z.B. SARS-COV-2, Norovirus-, Aspergillus- oder Grippevarianten

Innovativ, ruhig und einfach zu bedienen für eine kontinuierliche Reinigung der Luft

How COVID-19 spreads through the air

Invisible dangers

Our products against COVID

Our AERTE products help kill all viruses including SARS-CoV-2 - which causes COVID-19.

From our world

Our products

Aerte Klean

Small and yet so powerful. Private or small offices.

☑️ Private, small offices, ...
☑️ Up to 33 m² or 100 m³

Aerte AD 2.0

Powerful and compact. Instantly destroys viruses and bacteria.

☑️ Offices, classrooms, ...
☑️ Up to 100 m² or 300 m³

Thanks to our products

Live virus- and germ-free

The transmission of various particles through the air occurs regularly, especially in sensitive interiors such as hospitals, where the risk of infection is a constant companion.


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The Aerte AD 2.0 is 30cm x 15cm x 7cm in size.

The Aerte Klean is 20cm x 15cm x 6cm in size

Both the Aerte AD 2.0 and the Aerte Klean are very quiet during operation. The decibel value is 34.

The devices are used to inactivate all bacteria, viruses, allergens, fungi and odors.

Yes, you can do the installation yourself.

The Aerte AD 2.0 is installed with a simple wall mounting.

The Aerte Klean can be placed anywhere.

Our technology is similar to processes that occur naturally outdoors.

Allergens, viruses, bacteria, odors and fungi are effectively inactivated by our Aerte systems.

When activated, allergens, viruses, bacteria and fungi on surfaces and in the air are inactivated within 60 minutes. 

Both companies and private individuals benefit from the innovative functions of the devices. The Aerte Klean is ideal for small offices or for private use. The strong Aerte AD 2.0 ensures safety in larger offices, workshops and schools.

Especially in times of the coronavirus, you are never sure whether everyone in a room does not carry a pathogen. The Aerte devices protect everyone in the room from outgoing dangers. All bacteria, viruses, allergens, fungi and odors are inactivated in real time.

Yes, the coronavirus as well as the norovirus, Aspergillus or flu variants are also inactivated by the Aerte devices.

The device itself is durable. The cartridge should be replaced every 2 months.

We are happy to take a look at your individual case and make you a personal offer.